Casablanca Valley

Casablanca may be Chile’s best-known cold-climate valley and is famous for its white wines and Pinot Noir. It is located 80 km northwest of Santiago and just a short distance from the Pacific Ocean.

Tapihue Vineyard

Climate: This vineyard is influenced by the Pacific Ocean and especially by the cold Humboldt Current that runs northward along the Chilean coast and moderates its temperatures. The effect results in thick morning fogs and cool afternoon breezes that help preserve the acidity and freshness in the grapes.

Soil: This vineyard is known for its granitic soils that are poor in organic matter and have a sandy-loam texture. Some places in our Pinot Noir vineyards have quartz, which contributes a unique minerality. These conditions help the fruit ripen slowly.

Planted area: 46 hectares

Varieties: Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc

Average Annual Rainfall: 450 mm