Maule Valley

The Maule Valley in Chile’s 7th Region is located 260 km south of Santiago. It is considered the country’s most traditional and most geographically diverse wine region. 43% of Chile’s vineyards are located in the Maule Valley.

San Rafael Vineyard

Climate: This vineyard has a Mediterranean climate and is highly influenced by the cold nighttime winds that blow down from the Andes Mountains, lowering the daytime highs and broadening the daily temperature differential, which enables the grapes to ripen slowly and in good condition.

Soils: Gently rolling hills with sedimentary soils of volcanic origin and moderate depth. They are clay-loam on the surface and at depth and are low in organic matter.

Area Planted: 546 hectares

Varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Syrah, Carmenere, Petit Verdot, Malbec, Pinot Noir, and Merlot

Average Annual Rainfall: 750 mm